Sunday, March 15, 2009

A perfect end to a busy weekend

When we left church this afternoon the weather was beautiful, so we packed up the kids and quite a few extras and headed for the park.

What a perfect picture of Daddy and his girl.
My brother and Lana came along with their 4 legged friends.
And Gav tried out a flying thing he had gotten for Christmas.

Happy Spring!!!

"The Fancy Dress Party"

Today we attended Sammy's baptism, and it was lovely. He was a very good baby through the whole thing. I especially love this picture of Robyn admiring her little man, I only wish I would have taken it in black and white.

It was a nice service and we got to visit with everyone. I had extra fun afterward when I got to hold Sam again, he's just so darn cute.

One Year Young (says Grandma and Grandpa)

Yesterday my baby had her first birthday... It was a great celebration and Abby was in great spirits through the whole party. This is the lovely cake my Mom made for the birthday girl.

The guest of honor...
She was a little put off by the singing.

But, she loved her cake...

Playing in it that is.

Thank you to all who attended, helped, sent well wishes, and have love for this wonderful addition to our family. The last year has been amazing :)

(We really missed the gang from Mississippi who are celebrating another great birthday today!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR!!!

Another sucess for Gavin (and Grandpa)

It's a horrible picture, but I had to let everyone know how well Gavin did on the project him and Grandpa worked so hard on.

Great Job Gavin!!! And thanks again Grandpa H.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goodies from Mississippi

We were all so excited when Abby's package arrived from Mississippi. She got to open it early because we are impatient and she doesn't know its her birthday. Packages from Aunt Missy are always great, but I also love the love notes she tucks inside.

I have to admit Abby was more interested in the plastic bubbly thingy.

How cute is this? Notice the plastic bubbly thingy..

I tried to get a pic of everything together, there were lots of goodies... Thanks Mississippi gang.. I hope Oscar enjoys his present as much as we enjoyed these.

Springtime Weather

Friday Abby and I went to the park for her first jungle gym adventure. I took more pics with my phone because it was easier to handle while holding on to the wiggle worm. She loved the swing and slide until she realized there were wood chips on the ground and then it was all over. Her anger took over because I wouldn't put her down with everything so muddy. I did manage this lovely pic after while we did some strolling.

Happy Spring!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bye Bye Bottle

Today was Abby's first day off the bottle. Ha Ha (that sounds funny) She did really well, so now it's Hello Sippy cups...

And bye bye bottles...

Yeah Abby!!

The perfect birthday dress!!!

I was so happy to find this dress for Abby's birthday celebration. It's so perfect, it matches the colors of her party...

Can you see my new teeth?

Yesterday I found the source of Abby's night waking over the last week. Her molars are finaly breaking through. I was snapping some pics of her and it seemed she wanted to show them off.

The one on the right is all the way through and the left should be through this week.

That will give her a total of 10 teeth by her birthday!!!


Last week Gavin and Grandpa H spent a lot of time working on Gavin's social studies project. Gav had to build a community of his choice, ie. suburban, rural, or city. Gav chose suburban, and it turned out GREAT!!!

Thanks to Grandpa H for all his hard work and patience. And don't forget, Gav will be at your house everyday at 6 sharp to do homework. Just kidding!!!