Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

Okay, maybe Monkeys and Turtles and Koalas, oh my!

I took the kids to the zoo last Saturday and we had so much fun. Abby was amazed with all the primates.
Nobody really cared about this very slow...turtle, but I thought he was a cutie.
And of course everyone loves the koalas, because all they do is sleep. (Really it's because their building has air conditioning)

All in all, I think I enjoy the zoo much more than the kids. Gavin had a great time on the playground. Abby loves the playground too, but for the wood chips.

She did like the kangaroos though.

Hopefully we'll make another trip soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baseball season, Hooray!!

Gavin has started baseball practice for a much anticipated season. He seems to really be on top of the ball this year.

Oh, and it helps that he has a cheering section :)

Happy Mothers Day!!

The weather on Sunday was perfect for some outdoor fun. After having lunch, and getting a free dessert for being a Mom (I tried to tell the waitress I wasn't old enough but she didn't believe me) we headed to Garfield park to feed the web footed creatures.

As you can see there was not a shortage of creatures to feed.
Abby stayed in her stroller for safety, those geese can get a little greedy.

Chris and Gavin had fun throwing corn though, and the ducks and geese loved it.

After stuffing the birds we headed over to the playground where I got no pictures because we were having to much fun. When it started to get later we made a trip to see my mom and then Grandma H to wish them a very happy mothers day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


After a very long 16 weeks, the semester is over. This is what I day dreamed about over finals, although, I'm very happy to just get a break. It was a very successful semester with an accomplishment a's in all 3 classes. I even got a 98% on my A&P final, man was I proud of that (I even did the happy dance in front of everyone). I hope everyone has a relaxing summer.

Abby's first playdate

This is Corbin, he's my bosses son. They were in great need of a babysitter last Saturday and I was happy to volunteer. It gave Abby the opportunity to play with someone her size.

She didn't make it very far though. Playing with kids her size is tough work.
They were very loving and played well together. I got this shot right before they both fell over. It's a shame the sun ruined it with shadows.

Oh, and Abby spent a good deal of time trying to steal Corbin's cup. I guess hers was not good enough.

By the end of the day they both were ready to say goodbye. Look Abby even tried to push him out of the basket.

She is her Daddy's girl..

I tried to get some good shots for Chris of Abby mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, she was more interested in how the lawn mower worked. Oh well, at least I got shots of Miss fix-it.


We had chicken alfredo the other night for dinner and Abby thought it was great. This picture was just so adorable I had to post it.

It's funny, whatever she can't get with her spoon or fingers she attempts to get with her tongue.