Thursday, July 30, 2009

Practice makes perfect

Lately anytime you bring out a camera or even a cell phone, Abby gives this cute little smile.

And, if you just keep snapping pictures you eventualy get the perfect smile :)

The Tired Birthday Boy

I guess as we get older those birthdays just seem like any other day... Chris and I both had to work on his special day this year so the celebration happened a little late, say almost 10 pm. Grandma H gave over to play with the kids and brought yummy cake for the birthday boy. The kids and I spent the day making him cheesecake and wrapping gifts.

That was Chris after opening his gifts in bed.. After gift opening the two boys used the super boot covers as pillows while I dished out cake.
Chris has wanted these silly things for awhile now to keep his feet warm while sitting in a tree. They looked great on Gav and I couldn't help but crack up and take lots of pictures.
What a goof.
Happy Birthday Chris, and here's to many more.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Independence/Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa H!!! We all gathered for Grandpa H's birthday on the 4th as previously reported by Robyn. There was good food, company, and CAKE!! Afterward everyone headed out for fireworks and Chris and I took Abby for a far away first experience. She was asleep before we got down the street, but we woke her when we parked in Kmart parking lot and she watched the "etties" without loud sound.

If you ask me, the greatest thing about family gatherings are things like these..
Especially this cute little face.

Girly hair

I am so proud to announce one of my greatest accomplishments to date. Abby let me put a clip in her hair.....YIPPY!!! Now I can't wait for pigtails, I can already picture it (ok, I've been picturing it).

Busy Days

I know I haven't posted in almost a month so there is lots to talk about. Abby of course is growing like a weed and increasing her vocabulary daily. She also has been using her brothers sandals as wings to fly around the house (see below)

And is determined to get someone to push her in her babies stroller.
Gavin's baseball team placed 2nd in the league, and don't tell him but I'm thrilled they are done for the season. Twice a week games are a little much to fit into the schedule, either that or I'm just out of practice. So, on to the next post....

I just realized that the way these post, I probably should have done this one last. Oh well