Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today Gavin had a friend spend the night, so Abby and I spent some girl time together. The weather was beautiful and we turned circles in the front yard. I couldn't get any pictures of her turning circles because I had to spot her as she tumbled. I did capture some shots of her admiring the world around her.

It's amazing the things these little people can do, and the joy they can bring you. Those couple minutes will be in my heart forever.

The Screwballs

No really, that's their team name. If you met their coach you would totally understand :)

The season is in full swing and the team is doing pretty well. Gavin is paying special attention to his batting skills and is getting better every time.
I'm sure it helps that he has his fan club cheering him on.

And trust me, she cheers pretty loudly.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miss Independent

Abby has resorted to fasting unless allowed to feed herself. Of course independece is greatly encouraged and we all get many giggles out of it. Here is her latest accomplishment.

She is very successfull with the spoon, but of course it's just not fast enough for her.

With yogurt it's usually a bath needing mess, but like I said...lots of giggles :)