Thursday, August 27, 2009

The semester begins...

Well, school is in session again. Up this semester.....

And American Sign Language

So far, this class is so much fun!!! And it counts as a forgien language.


On sunday Gavin crashed his bike pretty horribly. I got a call from his Dad at about 10:30 in the morning saying he wiped out. They both reassured me that it wasn't bad and he was wearing his helmet.

When he got home at 9pm this is what it looked like, OUCH!! By the next morning he was on his way to the doctors because the eye was swollen shut. Turns out he wasn't wearing his helmet and needed a CT scan. Thank god everything was ok, well except he started 4th grade with an incredible black eye.

Fancy Feet

At the begining of summer I bought Abby a new pair of sandals. Last month they were so tight she was limping. We went to payless and bought two new pairs that were 2 sizes bigger. How in the world did this child skip a size?
They are pretty cool with their lights and all. The funny thing is, Abby has never liked anything on her feet and now she loves wearing "shees."

My Ice Cream

Abby has learned how to take her bibs off and this is what happens.

At least she enjoyed the ice cream. I oxycleaned this shirt so much that it faded and ate a hole in it. Oh well, it was getting small anyways.

Daddy Save Me!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Abby decided she didn't want to put her pj's on after her bath. I tried to explain to her that she was going to be cold, but I guess she had other things in mind. After running as fast as her naked legs would take her, this is where she hid.

I see her plan was for Daddy to keep her warm.
They think they're so funny :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just stopping by...

One would think that I would be posting much more with extra time this summer...

Unfortunately, we really haven't been up to much. Abby is growing so quickly and talking more everyday. She is so different from Gavin it's amazing. Her energy if breathtaking (literally) and she definitely keeps you on your toes. A spitting image of her Dad, she loves to be outside and can find joy in the simplest things; which very much includes the neighbors gravel driveway. Twenty minutes could be spent just running her fingers through the rocks. And of course, she keeps practicing her smile.
Gavin hasn't been very busy, especially with baseball over. After much encouragement from Chris and I he has finally started spending a lot of time with the neighborhood kids. Lately you can find him a couple doors down playing ball in the field. He is not however, excited about going back to school in two weeks. I can't believe he's going to be in fourth grade!!
Leaving everyone with a special Abby kiss. They are lovely:)