Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calgon take me away....

Well it's done to the wire. One more week of class and then finals week. It definitely feels like crunch time, as I sit here with a book in my lap. I can't wait to have the summer off with the kids!! HOORAY!!!

Happy Easter

Easter morning Gavin had found his basket and half the eggs before I could grab my camera. (Man that kid is getting good) So, when the kids were ready for church I snapped a few shots that they sorta cooperated for.

Even at church I didn't get many pictures, but I did get a few of Abby and a hungry Sammy.
Here is Abby at my Mom's with half of her cute little forehead cut off.

And Gav with his fake smile.

All in all it was a fun yet tiring day. Both kids slept from Aunt Robyns to my Mom's so they were some what rested for more basket hunting. I hope everyone had a great day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Uncle George !!!!

Saturday was my brothers 30th birthday and we all met for dinner at Otani's in Mayfield. It was a lot of fun, especially seeing Gavin's reaction to his first time at a Hibachi place.

Look how happy he was, he couldn't stop laughing. At one point the chef flung chicken into Gav's water, and when he was digging it out he flung some more. It was tons of fun!!

Abby had a good time also.

The bunny is coming, the bunny is coming

Gavin asked us on Saturday night if we dress up in a huge bunny costume to hide eggs and fill baskets. Of course our quick response was NO!! Actualy Chris said, "I wouldn't be caught dead in a huge bunny costume, and if your Mom dressed up I might mistake her for dinner and she'd get shot." So, we didn't lie; we don't dress up in a huge bunny costume. Although, I did fill some baskets and hide some eggs....

This is the one the bunny left for Chris and I.
Gavin was happy to receive this one.

And Abby even got a new swim suit in hers.
Happy Easter everyone, and don't tell my secret :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preparing for the bunny

I went a little overboard this year with the egg coloring kits. They just have so many cool things out there now. After this year though, I now realize they all turn out the same. Here is a picture of our preperations.

Gavin working hard and Chris thinking hard, I guess.
Abby's contribution was watching while she ate her dinner.

Here is some of the finished products.

These were fun, they were accessories for the eggs.

Here comes the bride

SHHHHH!!!! Don't tell my brother. Here is my soon to be sister-in-law in her beautiful wedding dress. My Mom took the shots and I decided to post them. Good thing I know my brother never checks the blog.

She was so excited, it was too cute :)

I love babysitters

Two weeks ago Chris and I went out to see a band. To Abby's delight Uncle George and Aunt Lana came over to babysit. This is how happy she was to see them even though she was suffering from a slight cold and runny nose.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Spring

Thursday Abby and I went outside to enjoy the great weather and this awesome find from the thrift store.

She seemed to enjoy trying to climb up the slide more than going down.

Metallica Rocks!!!!

Everything is perfect now, Abby loves Guitar Hero just as much as the rest of us.

Rock on baby girl..

Big girl and hand me downs..

These overalls are by far the best. They have reached Abby compliments of her brother. I love them and I'm hoping she will get to wear them as much as Gav did.

Also, I thought Grandma and Grandpa might appreciate this picture. She has now accomplished getting in and out of the chair herself with only a few tumbles along the way.

You are my sunshine...

Abby's new favorite thing to do is stand at the door and watch the world go by. While trying to get a picture of her kissing the door I managed this lovely picture of her and the beautiful spring sun.

Happy Spring everyone.