Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Puppet Master

As previously reported, Gavin had a presidential report that included a puppet. He brought it home today so I thought I'd post his picture.

Next up was a book project with a character puppet. Gavin wanted to do a sock puppet and he chose The Cat in the Hat. I think he did pretty well thanks to his sewing skills. (thanks Grandma H)

Home Improvements

We have been meaning to paint for some time now and have already finished the living room. This week we started the dining room only to find that the previous owners painted right over wallpaper. It could have been a disaster but it came right off. This is how it looks after one coat.

We love it, I think it's a little darker than this picture shows. The name of the color is summer pecan.

It's Jello time

Abby has resorted to only wanting to eat table food, or things she can do herself. So today I made her and Gavin Jello. As you can see it was a success.
Surprisingly she didn't even have much trouble picking it up.


Last grading period Gavin had some major issues with his report card. Like other boys in 3rd grade he was talking out in class, socializing with his friends and not paying attention to his work. Unfortunately this did not improve much come conference time and we had to instill some punishments.
HOORAY!!! Our parenting skills were put to the test and we were successfull. (So was Gav)

This report card was MUCH better. He has had daily behavior reports that improve weekly. His teacher has reported him being very helpful and quite in class. His grades have improved and he just finished a presidential report with puppet that he received a 97% percent on.


Tuesdays work is never done...

So the semester is officialy in full swing. Up next week...my first test on the endocrine system (as seen below). Frankly I should be studying and not posting, but you have to break sometime right.

The Nursing program at Lakeland is a 72credit program. 11 of those classes have a waiting list. After this semester I only have one more class, then I just wait for those other 11, potentialy waiting until 2011. But, I have been researching other schools and Tri C has no waiting list as of this semester. So, the next thing on my to do list is to see a counselor at Tri C.
Wish me luck.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday

I'm trying to continue posting some old pics that I haven't shared with anyone. This one is a keeper because both kids are smiling. They are such great siblings :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Haloween Pics

Now I wish I had started blogging sooner. They were just so cute. Gavin was a gansta, I just couldn't talk him out of it, but Abby's turtle costume was adorable.

Some old pics...

Our neighbors granddaughter works for an eye doctor and she thought Abby needed some ray bans. Aren't they cute... They're baby bans...

And this pic was just to cute not to post.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Speedracers sister

Abby also enjoyed the festivities, and all the kids running around.

Well, and Gav's uniform...

Go Speedracer

Last saturday was the Pinewood Derby for cub scouts. Gavin and Chris worked hard on Gav's car and it was worth it. Fun for all....

That's Gav's car in the middle...
Gavin looking very excited that his car is racing....

It took first in that race....

And the boy in his uniform..
Oh by the way, he placed 1st in two races 2nd in two and 3rd in two. Overall he placed 3rd in his pac, but for the finals they only raced the top two cars from each pac.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And she stands alone...

Chris and I were just talking yesterday about how we thought Abby would be walking before her birthday. And today she was standing all alone... Hooray!!!

Happy Days

So today I downloaded a copy of the Deans list for the fall... And to my delight my name was on it.
This is extra special to me this semester since I took two more classes and added one more child to the mix. I'm hoping for great luck this semester to.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Trout season

It wasn't bitter cold last weekend so Gav hit the river with Chris and brought home a fish he was so proud of. Chris is practicing his smoking skills so we taste tested smoked trout after that. It wasn't to bad. It's a shame Jeremy didn't have any pics like this to take home to Mississippi.

Good help is hard to find

Abby and I were snowed in yesterday so we had lots of fun. She insisted on tipping over my laundry hamper so I finally just stuffed her in it.

As you can see sponge bob was also on at this time so she is very attentive.

Go Buckeyes !!!

Well, although it didn't bring Ohio State much luck both kids sported their buckeye gear on Jan 5th. Thank you again Aunt Robyn and Uncle Mike for the cute outfits, hope you enjoy the pictures. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to rotate them (I am new at this you know).

P.S. Abby finds her socks more tasty in her mouth than on her feet.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, here it goes....

So at the advice of some very crafty family members I am going to try this blogging thing. Hopefully I wont bore everyone to tears, and we can keep in touch.