Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

The weather on Sunday was perfect for some outdoor fun. After having lunch, and getting a free dessert for being a Mom (I tried to tell the waitress I wasn't old enough but she didn't believe me) we headed to Garfield park to feed the web footed creatures.

As you can see there was not a shortage of creatures to feed.
Abby stayed in her stroller for safety, those geese can get a little greedy.

Chris and Gavin had fun throwing corn though, and the ducks and geese loved it.

After stuffing the birds we headed over to the playground where I got no pictures because we were having to much fun. When it started to get later we made a trip to see my mom and then Grandma H to wish them a very happy mothers day.

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  1. that sounds so fun! it was too hot for outdoor fun for us...