Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue and Gold

Today was the cub scouts annual blue and gold banquet. All the boys were recognized for achievements made this year. Below are Gavins patches he earned.

And the boy looking so thrilled to have to wait his turn.
And here is our placemats that were pretty cute. (this was suppose to be the first picture, but I'm still trying to figure this blog stuff out)

He also got his ribbon for 3rd place in the Pinewood Derby. All in all it was a long day with a bunch of hyper boys, but well worth the headache.


  1. how did he earn the spaghetti fundraiser patch and the native american patch?

  2. The fundraiser was a spaghetti dinner and the native american was because they went to the museam (spelled wrong)and then were sorta tested on it.

  3. hmmm...
    do those patches need sewing on to something?
    Good Job Gavin!

  4. I have to check the patches. The last one he got was just an iron on. And I'm ok with an iron, just useless with a needle and thread.